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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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K-State Research and Extension
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Manhattan, KS 66506-3401

March 3, 2020

The Center for Engagement and Community Development is Hosting the Inaugural Community Engagement Opportunities Fair

Submitted by Donna Schenck-Hamlin

Whether it is caring for abandoned animals awaiting adoption, filming high school sporting events, tutoring English, advancing educational equity, preserving natural and historic sites, mentoring children and teens, working within the arts community, helping overcome mental and physical insecurities, working with elderly community members, or simply repairing and managing bicycles, Manhattan needs you! In addition to volunteer opportunities, this event seeks to connect students with available internship opportunities within the community.

This gathering provides a venue for K-State students to find the right focus for their passion and effort as they join Manhattan organizations that are seeking volunteers and interns. Community experience is a valuable reinforcement to the on-campus education we receive and builds capacity for both the student and organization. Through this relationship, we have an opportunity to apply our skills and knowledge in a meaningful way to improve our robust community.

The Community Engagement Opportunities Fair is a call to action for students and organizations to advance civic engagement by establishing and building mutually beneficial relationships. Mark your calendar, save the date, or take whatever measures necessary to join us in this opportunity! https://events.k-state.edu/calendar/day/2020/3/19.

These organizations each provide an essential service to the Manhattan community and face significant challenges in providing these services. Although this is not a complete listing, it is representative of the organizations that will be present:

The Sunset Zoo
Meadowlark Senior Living Community
The Flint Hills Volunteer Center
MHK Today
The Riley County Historical Museum
The Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan
UFM Community Learning Center
Pawnee Mental Health
Green Apple Bikes
T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter
Riley County Humane Society
Habitat for Humanity
The Talent Consortium
Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice
Professionals ENGAGE
MHK Music Scene
Food and Farm Council
Prairiewood Retreat and Preserve
USD 383 representatives from English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Families In Transition (FIT), and Athletics.

See the event flyer: https://www.k-state.edu/media/kstate_today/2020/march/2020communityengagementflyer.jpg.