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June 23, 2020

Personal Well Being at the Flex-site Workplace

Submitted by Trudy Rice


• Am I mindful of my well-being and in a good spot with focused clarity?
• Is my focused clarity debilitating or not matching reality?
• Am I looking out for my team members and can I support them emotionally and logistically?
• Can I see shortcomings in myself or in the plan?


• Can I communicate what I’m looking out for in an honest and respectful environment?
• Can someone tell me that I’m way off base without me getting upset about it?
• Am I having honest conversations with my loved ones as well as my coworkers or cooperators?
• Is there a cultural standard set within your group that encourages someone to ask for help?
• Are you mindful of how you can use your voice with balance so folks don’t stop listening?
• Do you listen to your gut or do you operate under the “we’ll be fine” guise?

Escape Route & Time (those things that make it harder to get away):

• Human Behavior: People really sold on “The Plan” (unwilling to disengage).
• Creating an open conversational environment to allow people to be honest about their comfort and skill level. Finding the right resources for the tactics and strategies based on their skill level and ability to make them the right resources.
• Are we painting ourselves into a corner?

Safety Zones:

• Is your home a Safety Zone?
• Do you have a Safety Zone in which you can communicate honestly?
• How do you communicate and solve such endeavors if your home isn’t a safety zone?
• Is there support to create a Safety Zone?
• What tools do you have if your work environment isn’t a Safety Zone?

Thanks Jason for sharing this LECS process with us. Everyone, it has been a long three months and probably another long three months ahead. Wherever your worksite was yesterday, is today, or will be tomorrow, take care of yourself so that you can then take care of others!