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September 22, 2020

Shout Out: Dona Ratliff

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This week the K-State Research and Extension River Valley Extension District 4-H Staff is giving Dona Ratliff, KSRE 4-H Program Coordinator, a Shout Out!

“Dona has gone above and beyond helping our team navigate Fair Entry by getting our three new 4-H Program Managers set up on the system for the first time. She has worked late to help with PDF files. Dona has replied to emails quickly and efficiently to help us continue our work successfully. She has made transitioning new staff a breeze. Dona is a huge asset to our KSRE/4-H community and we wanted to make sure she felt appreciated – for ALL that she does for so many of us. Thank you Dona!”

Dona, thanks for all you do for the people we serve, our colleagues, and K-State Research and Extension.

If you know of a colleague or team of colleagues who deserve to be recognized for doing great work, why not give them a Shout Out? Just send their name(s) and the reason for the Shout Out to ghadley@ksu.edu.