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September 29, 2020

4-H Project Record Report Form Replaces KAP

Submitted by Amy Sollock

After piloting a new 4-H Project Record Report Form with 10 units (comprising of 26 counties) the 4-H KAP Revision Taskforce is excited to announce the launch of a new project-based record keeping and award system for the 2020/2021 4-H program year. This means that for the new 4-H year beginning on October 1, 2020, Kansas 4-H members will no longer use the KAP forms.

The new system is designed to emphasize project learning and growth and resembles more of a record than an award application, while also developing career readiness skills. The Taskforce is working hard to collect data and feedback from pilot units who are in the midst of record book deadlines and evaluation. As you can imagine, their feedback is of high value as the task force makes their last refinements to the forms and evaluation rubric.

Couple of highlights:

  • At the local level, 4-H members will submit a project record report form for each project. The report form includes project reflection and photos.
  • There are 2 versions of the project record report form. An animal form and a general project form. There are also 3 age versions of each form, one form for juniors age 7-9, one form for intermediates 10-13, and one form for seniors 14-18.
  • At the regional level, the top local senior 4-H member in each project area will submit their project record report form, as well as a cover letter and resume.
  • At the state level, the top 2 senior 4-H members from the regional screening in each project area will submit their project record report form, cover letter & resume and video submission.
  • We will be rolling out the new forms, an instructional guide, evaluation rubric and dates for trainings for KSRE staff, 4-H members, parents and leaders in the next few months.

A big thank you to the Pilot Units and their families who jumped in willingly to test and refine the new forms and provide feedback. Pilot Units include: Southwind District, Marias des Cygnes District, Cottonwood District, Stafford County, Meadowlark District, River Valley District, Edwards County, Wild West District, Central Kansas District and Wildcat District.

I want to thank the members of the task force for their time and hard work over the past year. Their collective experience, knowledge and expertise has made this process an enjoyable one. Taskforce members include: Amy Collins, Karla Hightower, Beth Hinshaw, Anissa Jepsen, Carla Nemecek, Susan Schlichting and Amy Sollock (previous member Monica Thayer).