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September 29, 2020

Update: Revised and Updated 4-H Policy Effective October 1, 2020

Submitted by Wade Weber


As we ready for a new programming year, I am announcing a revision and update in Kansas 4-H Policy. The link to the 2020 version is located here and now available for download: https://www.kansas4-h.org/about/policy-guide.html.

There is also a primer outlining the major structure of the revised policy and substantive changes.

County and District 4-H Policies are to be reviewed this fall and modified to align with new State 4-H Policy. Questions? Please call the State 4-H Office, 785-532-5800.

Review Process:

Long before COVID-19 related adaptations challenged KSRE programming, the process of updating Kansas 4-H policy from its 2013 version was underway.

4-H Policy feedback was solicited from agents in the summer of 2018, the Department of 4-H Youth Development undertook a review and vetting of proposed changes with various stakeholders over 2019. In the spring of 2019, Kansas State University changed their policy related to minors participating in University programs (which Kansas 4-H is one). The University process started in February 2019 and was not completed until November 2019. Once the University parameters were set, the 4-H process of policy refinement could begin again. Within three months, COVID-19 disrupted the process again, temporarily postponing engagement around 4-H Policy until the summer of 2020.

The refinement process has included agents, specialists, stakeholders from K-State’s Department of Animal Sciences, external partners (including Kansas FFA and other state 4-H programs). In the review phase (since August), stakeholders from the leadership of the Youth Development Program Focus Team, JCEP, KAE4-HA, all provided valuable questions and suggestions for improvement to proposed revisions to 4-H Policy. Their suggestions were valuable in creating the final policy. This policy was also reviewed by the Executive Committee of the State Extension Advisory Committee that represents Extension boards from across the state. Finally, this policy has been reviewed by professionals in the Department of 4-H Youth Development and endorsed for implementation by Extension Administration effective October 1, 2020.