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June 8, 2021

2020 KSRE Team Award Recipients Recognized by NACAA

Submitted by Cade Rensink

Congratulations to the 2020 KSRE Team Award crew for being named the 2021 NACAA National Winner - Search for Excellence in Farm & Ranch Business Management Program!!

"Farm Financial Skills for Kansas Women in Agriculture" team members include: Abbie Powell, Adaven Scronce, Alicia Boor, Allen Baker, Alyssa Rippe-May, Amy Collins, Anastasia Meyer, Andrea Burns, Anna Muir, Anna Schremmer, Becky Reid, Brett Melton, Brian Rees, Cade Rensink, Charlene Miller, Christine McPheter, Chuck Otte, Cody Miller, Corinne Patterson, Dale Lanham, Darl Henson, Deb Wood, Denise Dias, Elaine Johannes, Elizabeth Kiss, Elizabeth Kissick, Elly Sneath, Emily Prouse, Ethel Schneweis, Greg McClure, James Coover, Jana McKinney, Jared Petersilie, Jen Webster, Jenilee Godsey, Jill Barnhardt, Jody Holthaus, John Beckman, Joy Miller, Kalee Clemens, Katelyn Barthol, Keith Van Skike, Kelsey Hatesohl, Kelsey Nordyke, Kristin Penner, LaVell Winsor, Lindsay Shorter, Lora Horton, Mallory Meek, Marty Gleason, Mary Emerson-Bowen, Mary Huninghake, Matthew Young, Mike Holder, Monica Thayer, Nancy Honig, Rachael Boyle, Rebecca McFarland, Renae Riedy, Richard Fechter, Rickey Roberts, Robin Reid, Sandra Wick, Shad Marston, Shandi Andres, Shannon Blocker, Shannon Spencer, Tara Markley, Tara Solomon-Smith, Tom Buller, Tristan Cope, Wade Reh, Wendie Powell, and Wendy Hughes.