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December 21, 2021

Hybrid Meetings - Input Needed

Submitted by Kylee Harrison

We are about to wrap up our survey regarding hybrid meetings. If you have not participated in the survey, please take just two minutes and let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hybrid meetings are becoming more and more popular. But, they require different tools and techniques to be successful.

We want to hear from you. Are you prepared to effectively run hybrid meetings? What kind of support do you still need? Let us know by completing this 2-minute Qualtrics survey.

More about the survey:
As a result of Strategic Doing at Annual Conference, a sub-group of the Community Vitality PFT determined KSRE agents may benefit from hybrid meeting training. The Extension Administrative Team has also identified a strategic focus team who is seeking input on hybrid meetings. Both groups are now collaborating to develop a needs assessment as we learn more about hybrid meeting methods, best practices, and agent interest in utilizing hybrid meetings as an alternative platform to enhance face-to-face meetings. You can help us by completing this 2-minute Qualtrics survey.