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December 21, 2021

4-H Publication Updates

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Sportfishing Challenge: Let's Go Fishing. 4H1167. Daniel Skucius. The sportfishing project provides hands-on learning experiences for youth and adults interested in fishing and aquatic resource stewardship. In this challenge, you’ll explore fishing skills, conservation, ethical knowledge, aquatic ecology, tackle crafting and much more.

4-H Agent Development: New Agent Steps to Success. 4H1169. Daniel Skucius and Aliah Mestrovich Seay. There are many things to learn in your first years as a 4-H agent to create or maintain programming, grow professionally, and ensure equal opportunity. This guide is to help challenge you towards creating and maintaining professional goals and a successful extension career.

Livestock Challenge: Ruminants! 4H1168. Patsy Maddy. How many stomachs do cattle, sheep and goats have? These animals have an amazing stomach system that converts forages into milk and meat! Learn all about what a ruminant is, the different parts of the digestive system and function of each stomach chamber while building a rumen in your own kitchen!