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January 17, 2023

Tech Tips from the Field

Submitted by Becky Reid

I'm issuing you a challenge:

1) What is a tech tool or resource that you use that makes your job easier?

2) Could you write a brief description (or create a short video) that highlights that resource for this Tuesday Letter?

For instance, I love Qualtrics and one of my favorite question types is the "Drill Down" option. In Microsoft Teams, KSRE Resources Team, Professional Development Channel, Files... you will find an Excel document that lists all local extension units. Download to your computer but save as CSV file. (I had to download first as an Excel file and then save again as a CSV file.)

In Qualtrics, the drill down question has a line that states "click here to add answers" which will allow you to upload a CSV file. Once uploaded, it will confirm that 105 answer rows were imported successfully. The answers will only display during your preview (and not in your survey builder).

Using the "drill down" option is perfect for statewide registrations where you will be summarizing data by local unit.

Will you be the next person to share a "tech tip from the field?" Visit https://ksre.k-state.edu/tuesday/contribute/ to share your knowledge!