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March 14, 2023

Ardent Mills Donates $3.5 Million for Kansas State University’s New Agriculture Innovation Centers

Submitted by Jerry Grasso

The premier flour milling and ingredient company commits to helping advance K-State’s global grains and food initiative.

The Kansas State University Foundation today announced that Ardent Mills has pledged $3.5 million to support the Kansas State University College of Agriculture’s innovation centers for grain, food, animal and agronomy research.

Ardent Mills’ investment will support new facilities in the College of Agriculture’s Department of Grain Science and Industry, including renovations of current buildings and improvements in the technology and equipment necessary for interdisciplinary, innovative research and will continue to enhance the college’s exceptional student experience.

“I want to thank Ardent Mills for their investment in our new facilities project,” said Ernie Minton, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension. “With our new infrastructure and approach, we will be able to recruit and retain world-class faculty and researchers, which will further strengthen the allure of attending K-State.

“Today, the College of Agriculture is globally recognized and respected, and this donation will help fund both innovations in teaching and the pioneering of the cutting-edge skills and tools needed to educate the next generation of leaders in the grain science industry,” added Minton.

“Ardent Mills is passionate about cultivating an innovative future for our industry. That’s what makes this opportunity to partner with K-State’s College of Agriculture’s new Global Center for Food and Grain Innovation a great fit,” said Troy Anderson, vice president of operations at Ardent Mills. “The evolving interdisciplinary, collaborative approach, along with the new facilities, will enable exceptional talent development and best-in-class research to help better solve food and agriculture challenges today and for generations to come. “We are extremely excited to be a part of this initiative,” added Anderson.

“This is an exciting time at K-State and the College of Agriculture,” said Richard Linton, president of Kansas State University. “This new infrastructure opportunity is the first major project associated with the university’s vision of interdisciplinary research and development.

“With our different departments working closely together, we’ll not only expand our next-generation research, but we will become more attuned and efficient in working with private industry, and together we will develop and diversify Kansas’ and the world’s food and agricultural economy,” said Linton. As Kansas State University’s strategic partner for philanthropy, the KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance the K-State family. Visit www.ksufoundation.org for more information.