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May 9, 2023

Get Caught Up on Vaccinations

Submitted by Elaine Johannes

Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts booklet on desk

Get Caught Up! is the KSRE and IKC (Immunize Kansas Coalition) campaign to remind everyone that vaccination is an important step towards health and well-being. Get Caught Up! campaign materials can be distributed at local events and fairs to build awareness of wellness vaccinations across the life span. Upon request, free Get Caught Up fliers and handy business cards with the IKC website QR code are available and shipped to you.

Also available are Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts (VCOF) project materials. Checkout the IKC site for the Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts fact sheet, booklets and recent webinars. KSRE, with K-State’s Office of Engagement and IKC sponsored the April 28 webinar which featured K-State students engaging the campus community about why we vaxx.

To order Get Caught Up and other vaccination awareness materials, contact:
Elaine Johannes, ejohanne@ksu.edu
Stephanie Gutierrez, smgutier@k-state.edu