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May 16, 2023

Tuesday Letter Steering Committee Call for Participants

Submitted by Jerry Grasso

Extension reaches wide and far across Kansas; we should be proud of the fact that we can paint every corner of the state.

Because of our breadth and scope, it is vitally important for us to communicate – how else could a team such as ours drive and thrive without it? One of Extension’s foundational elements to stay up to date is the Tuesday Letter. Here we learn about the organization’s goals, stay up to date on new programmatic efforts and learn the latest news affecting the organization.

To ensure we continue to inform and educate ourselves, we are putting together a “Tuesday Letter Steering Committee.” The goal of the committee is simple – make sure the weekly newsletter is still timely and relevant to all Extension personnel. The team will be made up of six stellar individuals. Two of those spots have already been taken by Communications Solutions (me, Jerry Grasso is the leader of the committee; and another member of the staff will join me). The other four members should include two from field operations and two specialists. Ideally, we would like two of those four to be professionals early in their Extension career. The other two, seasoned professionals. Why? To check-the-box that we are evaluating and writing content that engages and connects with the whole of the organization.

As always, the biggest question is about time commitment. We plan on no more than a quarterly meeting (four, or potentially, five a year) an hour each time – with the output of those meetings informing and enhancing the editorial direction of the Tuesday Letter. That could be everything from more content from a certain local unit or district to new or different services or successes in each of the Grand Challenges. Format discussions are also welcomed. More video? Audio content? All worth discussing and exploring.

If this is something that you want to be involved with – then drop me an email letting me know you’re interested. I’m certain I’ll have more than four people reach out to me with interest. But we want to keep the group small and dynamic, so we are going to keep the count to six initially.

If you have other questions, please contact me.

This should be fun.