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July 18, 2023

End of 4-H Year Volunteer Recognition

Submitted by Sarah E. Maass

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the 4-H program serving as mentors, teachers and friends. As you begin to think about and prepare for the end of year recognition ceremonies, I encourage you to consider offering an Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer and Volunteer of the Year awards. If you review the National Salute to Excellence Volunteer Recognition, the outline criteria can be adapted to use in your local Extension Unit to offer these awards. The National Salute to Excellence Volunteer Recognition Award recognizes 4-H volunteers who demonstrate exceptional service to 4-H.

Once you have a local award winner identified and recognized, then nominate them for the state award recognition! The Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers has adopted the Salute to Excellence award to recognize and promote Kansas 4-H volunteers who have excelled in their roles locally and continue with selecting Kansas’ top volunteers for the National competition. The Kansas Association of Volunteers believes establishing the Salute to Excellence Award will provide two options for the Kansas 4-H Program:

1) recognition of 4-H Volunteers for their outstanding contributions to 4-H youth, and
2) enhance the mission and awareness of the Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers.

While these nominations are not usually due until February/March, why not submit your local Extension Unit nominee early?? You can submit the nominations electronically (kansas4h@ksu.edu and see directions at the link below) to the Department of 4-H Youth Development. These individuals then will have an opportunity to be selected as the 2024 Kansas Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer and Volunteer of the Year. The two Kansas honorees then become Kansas’ nominees for the North Central and National 4-H awards.

For more information, please go to https://www.kansas4-h.org/resources/awards-and-recognition/volunteer-salute-to-excellence.html.