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August 1, 2023

Shout Out: All Those Who Made the 4-H Summer Engagement Grant a Valuable Success

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This Shout Out comes from Amy Collins, program coordinator in 4-H Youth Development, and is directed to all those who made the 4-H Summer Engagement Grant a valuable success. Amy writes:

"As the 4-H Summer Engagement Grant for 2023 comes to a close August 4, I want to give a shout out to the state 4-H office team and to the statewide engagement leaders and supervising agents who are so valuable to this grant. This grant is servicing 32 Extension Units with 81 interns working throughout the State of Kansas. It takes KSRE employees on every level – local, area and state, to do the hard work.

Dona Ratliff has helped train and guide new staff through the financial services system. In fact, when we were shorthanded, Dona jumped right in to help get us back on track this past month. McKenzie Zimmermann has been instrumental in the reporting realm of the grant, not only guiding extension agents and state interns but also troubleshooting issues as they arise. These two went above and beyond their other work duties to help and for that we are so grateful. Once the program was underway, job responsibilities shifted for our state interns. While they were both entering reports through June, Kiley Andersen is now doing all the reporting and Marissa Randel has been moved to work on the financial reporting. These were big and unexpected changes and they have handled them graciously and professionally. They all deserve a huge shout out for digging deep, working as a team and going above and beyond their everyday duties to get the work done.

Also, so worthy of a shout out, is our seven engagement leaders and the supervising agents who have managed this program in their areas and local extension units. While it’s more work to supervise over the summer months, there’s no doubt in my mind they have been able to reach youth through educational experiences that will last them a lifetime. Think of all the connections you’ve made! With a grant this size, it does, as they say, “take a village.” Thank you all for the time and effort you have spent on the Summer Engagement Grant!"

4-H Summer Engagement Grant workers, thanks for all you do for the people of Kansas, our colleagues and K-State Research and Extension.

If you know of a colleague or team of colleagues who deserve recognition for a job well done, why not nominate them for a Shout Out. Simply send their name(s) and the reason for the Shout Out to ksreshoutout@ksu.edu.