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September 5, 2023

Get Ready for Kansas Radon Action Month (KRAM)!

Submitted by Laura A Wallace

Kansas Radon Program logo

January is Kansas Radon Action Month (KRAM) and Fall is the time to restock your KSRE Extension office’s supply of radon test kits in preparation for this season, when demand tends to be highest. To purchase test kits from the Kansas Radon Program at K-State Engineering Extension, contact Brian Hanson, Kansas Radon Program Coordinator, at 785-532-4996 or by email at bhanson@ksu.edu. Please note that starting October 1, 2023, the price of test kits will be increasing to $6.50 each (current price is $6.00 each).

Additionally, the Kansas Radon Program has partnered with KDHE’s Tobacco Use Prevention Program to raise Kansans’ awareness about the combined health risk of radon and tobacco smoke. The brochure linked here is the “Tobacco & Radon” brochure we’ve created as a result of this partnership and has information on both programs, including the Kansas Tobacco QuitLine. Please feel free to make this available to residents of your counties, especially during KRAM season.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.