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September 22, 2015

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Programming Making a Difference

Submitted by Daryl Buchholz

Daryl Buchholz

At the recent Family and Consumer Sciences Extension programming update, I was asked to provide a welcome at that training event. I thought I'd share notes of the impacts that great Extension programming in FCS is having all across Kansas. Following are my notes:

- Great things are happening across Kansas BECAUSE OF YOU!

Show of hands… Because of Extension programming, how many of you can identify in your communities:

• Seniors making better health choices?
• Seniors making better wealth choices?
• Children choosing healthier foods?
• Families choosing healthier lifestyles?
• Individuals increasing their physical activity?
• Seniors with improved strength and balance?
• Increased child care and babysitter availability?
• Persons avoiding / preventing chronic disease through life changes?
• Persons who would indicate help in coping with depression?
• Communities that made improvements for physical activity and health?
• Communities aimed at improving food quality access?
• Safe food preservation practices?
• Families / communities better prepared for a disaster?

How do you do that?

• Research-based / evidence-based curriculum
• Cooperation, coalitions, and collaborations
• Finding community-based solutions that will last

Well aligned with our Grand Challenges. Making a difference in communities all across Kansas because of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programming!!

My thanks to all of Extension and the vast programming. For those not so familiar with the work going on among our FCS Extension professionals, that is a snapshot of how Extension is making a difference. Thanks for all you do!