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September 25, 2018

We did it! You are now Kansas Leadership Center Partners

Submitted by Nancy Daniels


This summer 145 K-State Research and Extension Staff expressed interest in participating with the Kansas Leadership Center for high quality free training. Last week we learned that we were successful in getting the grant. Cue the Confetti!

Each Leadership Transformation Grant is valued at up to $25,000 worth of leadership training and support. This covers 100% of the registration fee for any core leadership training in 2019, coaching sessions that provide guidance and support throughout the grant process, and full access to resources on Your Leadership Edge Online for the Core Team.

K-State Research and Extension will receive up to 40 spots into any of the three core leadership trainings offered in 2019. Participants do not have to attend all at once and one person can attend multiple programs throughout the year, but this will take up multiple spots. Since 145 KSRE professionals indicated interest in 225 classes, our internal leadership team may consider limiting each person to one class initially.

The grant does not cover the cost of travel, lodging, books and some meals.

Core leadership trainings include:
• Your Leadership Edge - a 3-day introductory training for anyone seeking to build their skills and confidence to lead in any situation. (Offered 10 times in Wichita and 4 times in Kansas City.)
• Lead for Change - a 2-part, 7-day extensive leadership training designed to help you create lasting culture change within your organization and community, while providing you 1:1 support from a KLC coach. (Offered 3 times in Wichita.)
• Equip to Lead - a 2-day training designed to help you teach, facilitate and incorporate leadership ideas into any context. (Offered 4 times in Wichita.)

The grant was written by a multi-disciplinary team:
Nancy Daniels, Community Vitality; Sharolyn Flaming-Jackson, Family and Consumer Sciences; Kara Mayer, Ag and Natural Resources; and Diane Mack, 4-H and Youth Development. Thanks also to Erin Yelland for editing input.