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October 9, 2018

KS-JCEP Reminders for Annual Conference

Submitted by Rachael Boyle & John Forshee

Kansas Joint Council of Extension Professionals (KS-JCEP) is our umbrella organization that includes the member organizations of: Epsilon Sigma Phi, Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents, Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents, Kansas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Kansas Association of Community Development Extension Professionals. When you join the association(s) of your choice, you also join KS JCEP and your KS-JCEP dues are collected and paid through the member organization.

KS-JCEP would like to invite you to attend events during Annual Conference. Committee meetings will be held Tuesday, October 16, from 4 - 5 p.m. in the Big 12 Room. Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 17, from noon to 1:15 p.m. in the Main Ballroom. Election of Officers will take place during the Annual Meeting. The slate of candidates is as follows: President - Nancy Honig, President-elect - John Forshee, and Secretary-Treasurer - Chris Petty. Check out the website at https://www.ksre.k-state.edu/agent_association/kansas-extension/index.html to see what has been taking place in KS-JCEP.

The mission of KS JCEP is: To elevate the awareness of Extension's reputation as an organization of excellence, synergistically leverage the efforts of the member associations, foster leadership and collaboration, provide professional development and scholarship opportunities, and advocate for the Extension profession.

Plan to get involved and join a committee in KS-JCEP. See you at Annual Conference!