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August 11, 2020

Register to Join the "How to Become an Antiracist" Mastermind Experience

Submitted by Jennifer R Wilson

Please consider joining others in the K-State community in the How to Become an Antiracist Mastermind Experience. This semester-long experience will involve reading and discussing Ibrim X. Kendi's book, How to Become an Antiracist. There will be both small and large group discussions throughout the fall.

The purpose of the How to Be an Antiracist Mastermind Experience is just that, an experience. The intention is not to change everyone’s heart and mind. This is an opportunity for individuals to focus on their own heart and mind within an organized community. This personal experience will occur with a group of people who have self-identified as ready to move past the “talking” phase of creating a more diverse and inclusive climate and adding action toward their journey of inclusivity and antiracist behavior.

All are welcome, but this experience is not for individuals who participate out of peer pressure or are trying to avoid appearing not interested in antiracist behavior because of lack of participation. This space is created for individuals who have self-identified as wanting to take their next step in growing personally.

Participants are expected to:

• Be committed and participate
• Be open to share their own stories
• Give and receive advice, ideas and support
• Help create a confidential environment
• Challenge each other to set strong goals and accomplish them
• Celebrate success stories
• Problem-solve through peer brainstorming and collective creative thinking
• Speak for only themselves
• Be prepared to talk about hard stuff with a total honesty, respect and compassion

Register by August 20, and begin reading the book as soon as possible. Upon registration, you'll receive an invitation to a Canvas course with more information, including where to purchase or borrow the book. You'll be contacted later about your small-group cohort. If you've already signed up through the University--great!, but if you'd like to be part of a KSRE small group, please email Jennifer Wilson at jrwilson@ksu.edu.