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September 1, 2020

Be A Part Of The Story - Embracing Informal Leadership

Submitted by Kylee Harrison

The Community Vitality PFT has created a new Signature Program entitled, Be A Part Of The Story - Embracing Informal Leadership. We invite you to learn more about Be a Part of the Story and consider adding it to your action plan for 2020-2021.

What is “Be a Part of the Story: Embracing Informal Leadership”? 

  • This signature program, offered to you by the Community Vitality PFT, is designed to assist community organizations expand their current leadership by welcoming more of an episodic approach. Agents delivering this program will have the flexibility to choose the vignettes that meet the needs of the organization.  Any agent, regardless of their primary discipline, can seamlessly implement this into their yearly programming.

Who can deliver these programs? 

  • KSRE County and District Agents from all disciplines 

Why choose “Be a Part of the Story”? 

  • This series of short, shareable content provides ideas to keep your community organizations vibrant 

  • Every organization has ongoing leadership needs – from elected governing bodies to the governing board of your local co-op 

  • You will pick up ideas on how to recruit, diversify and maintain your own volunteers for extension programming while engaging others in this program

How “Be a Part of the Story” can help your organization 

  • Do you want to ensure active leadership within your organization for the future? 

  • Do you need help identifying informal leaders in your community or encouraging these people to become more involved? 

  • Do you want ideas for supporting your volunteers or staff? 

  • Does your organization represent the diversity of the population you serve? Why should you consider this a priority and how do you knock down any perceived barriers and recruit the insight of these informal leaders?  

Target audiences: 

  • Business: Board of directors for banks and chambers of commerce, etc. 

  • Agriculture: Co-op boards, county farm bureaus, fair boards, etc. 

  • Government: County commissions, elections officials, etc. 

  • Health: Hospital boards, health coalitions 

  • Civic: Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimist, Rotary Clubs, local celebration committees, library boards, etc. 

  • Faith Organizations: Church leadership? Youth pastors? 

How will “Be a Part of the Story” be shared within my organization? 

  • Social Media posts 

  • Short videos at board meetings 

  • Infographics 

What are some of the topics that will be covered with “Be a Part of the Story?” 

  • Principal for a Day 

  • STP (Same Ten People) Club 

  • If You Do What You’ve Always Done… 

  • The Power of Networks 

  • Successful Recognition 

  • Making the Ask  

  • Life Cycle of Volunteerism 

  • Generational Leadership 

  • Loose Connections 

  • The Power of Social Capital 

  • The Look of Leaders 

  • Matching Volunteers to Meaningful Work 

  • Youth Leadership Through Service Learning