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September 15, 2020

Professional Scheduling Policy Updated

Submitted by Jennifer Wilson

The life of an Extension professional is unique. The lines between professional and personal time are often very blurry, and those who find the most job satisfaction are those who learn to successfully manage the demands of both. Our KSRE professional scheduling policy is designed to provide guidance in achieving work/life integration. Based on feedback from Extension professionals and board members, the KSRE professional scheduling policy has been updated and posted on the Policies website. While the intent of the policy remains unchanged, language has been added to provide needed clarification. A general outline of the policy is below but be sure to read the policy in full.

• Professional scheduling is a privilege and can be revoked if misused.
• It is an agent’s responsibility to manage their own schedule and to prioritize and delegate tasks in order to achieve work/life satisfaction.
• Agents are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. They do not earn comp time or flex time. Agents are in control of their own schedule. That schedule is likely to involve night and weekend engagements.
• Local unit office professionals are hourly staff, governed by FLSA. Therefore, they do have set office hours and are eligible for comp time and flex time.
• Professional scheduling is intended to support and strengthen agent performance.
• Communication is key when using professional scheduling.
• Professional scheduling should be used at the mutual convenience of the individual and the organization.
• Any leave of four or more hours should be reported as vacation or sick leave. Professional scheduling is not intended as a substitute for vacation or sick leave and should not be used as accumulated leave.
• Agents should be aware of public perception surrounding professional scheduling and be wise in its use.
• Extension boards should review the professional scheduling policy every year.

Contact your local unit or regional director with questions about professional scheduling.