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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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October 20, 2020

KSRE Annual Conference Schedule

Submitted by Jennifer R Wilson

K-State Research and Extension's Annual Conference is set to begin one week from today. This year's conference is being held in conjunction with North and South Dakota State Universities, and the conference schedule is being managed in Sched. All participants are encouraged to revisit Sched to see the most up-to-date version on the schedule and make sure you've selected all of the sessions you want to attend. New sessions may have been added since you've registered.

Speaking of registering--do you still need to do that? Do it now! Registration closes today (October 20). You can register at our KSRE Annual Conference website. All agents are expected to attend as part of their employment agreement and are encouraged to participate in an environment where you will not be distracted from the online conference. In the October issue of the Board Leadership Newsletter, Dr. Hadley requested agents be allowed to participate in the conference from home if that is the environment that will provide the least interruptions.

All extension personnel are welcome to attend the conference. This year's virtual format also provides an opportunity for local unit employees to join as well. There are several conference sessions that may be of interest to office professionals and program assistants.

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