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November 3, 2020

Safe Drinking Water Publications

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

The Pollution Prevention Institute at K-State, in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, has updated a series of drinking water safety publications. These publications were originally housed in the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore. The updated publications will be housed on the KDHE website.

Titles for the former publications and links to the new versions are listed below. These titles will be removed from the KSRE bookstore. If you have a pdf of one of the older versions of these publications on your website, please update it with a link to the KDHE site.

K-State Research and Extension Publication and new Local Environmental Protection Program name and link:

MF951 Testing to Help Ensure Safe Drinking Water. Testing to Help Ensure Safe Drinking Water Technical Guidance Document WMS 20-951

MF912 Understanding Your Water Test Report. Understanding Your Water Test Report Technical Guidance Document WMS 20-912

MF2396 Private Well Operation and Maintenance. Private Well Maintenance and Protection Technical Guidance Document WMS 19-2396

MF871 Recommended Water Tests for Private Wells. Recommended Water Tests for Private Wells Technical Guidance Document WMS 20-871

MF970 Private Wells. Private Wells – Safe Location and Construction Technical Guidance Document WMS 20-970

Additional resources: https://www.kdheks.gov/nps/lepp/EHH.html