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November 3, 2020

Announcing State 4-H Assignments and Responsibilities for FY21

Submitted by Wade Weber

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As you may know, our department has been unable to replace vacant 4-H Youth Development specialist positions due to university budget cuts and hiring freezes. On Friday, October 30, I sent a message to the counties listserv outlining State level 4-H departmental assignments and responsibilities for the coming program year. They are categorized by project area, event, and process support. I have asked specialists to transition from current responsibilities to the new responsibilities by November 15, and begin working with their teams (youth, volunteers and professionals) across the state to provide guidance, support, and programmatic development.

These general assignment headers are now available on the Kansas 4-H staff webpage and the specifics are available in staff resources under the heading "Documents." Over the next weeks, we will be linking staff assignments to existing project, educational event and process pages.

All KSRE professionals and 4-H volunteers have a degree of shared responsibilities for the success of any given project, event or process. This online listing is to indicate the State and Regional 4-H Youth development professionals, who serve as the point of contact and are responsible and accountable for project, event, or process development. Partnership is what makes all these possibilities become a reality.

Thank you for your generosity and professionalism in helping these individuals be successful in providing guidance, advice, and leadership to the valued parts of 4-H. Together we can and will continue to fulfill our mission through great project learning, engaging events, and valued processes that help youth realize their positive potential to be tomorrow’s leaders!

As new relationships form within new program responsibilities, thank you in advance to those KSRE professionals and 4-H volunteers/youth who will be working with Specialists, Coordinators and State 4-H Office professionals to help move the mission of 4-H Youth Development forward. Together we will continue to provide high quality learning opportunities for youth!

If you have questions, please let anyone on the team know or contact me directly.