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July 13, 2021

Board and PDC Recruitment

Submitted by Aliesa Woods

Board and PDC Member Recruitment Resources

An important component in the sustainability and effectiveness of your local unit is getting qualified and enthusiastic volunteers to serve on your Board and PDC. Overwhelmingly, people want to serve on boards of organizations that are efficient and make a difference.

Be clear about the role of the board and what the expectations of being a board member are. Take advantage of this handy resource, Extension Board Member Position Description. It provides a comprehensive set of expectations, qualifications and time commitment necessary to be an effective board member.

Reflect back on your recent Civil Rights Review. Did your Extension Board and PDC’S achieve parity? Parity is achieved when participation by under-represented groups reflects the proportionate representation in the population.

Board and PDC member recruitment is important and challenging. The job is about more than just filling slots. It is about finding leaders who have skill sets and perspectives that align with your organization’s mission. Another useful tool you can use is the Recruiting Board and PDC Members module.