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October 12, 2021

Strategic Doing Pivot - Reframing the Framing Question

Submitted by Jaime Menon

Happy Tuesday Again Difference Makers!

Just one more week before Annual Conference 2021. Can you believe how time rushes by!

You might be intrigued by the title of the article. More interesting information on our new venture of Strategic Doing Workshop on the afternoon of October 21st!

In Extension, we are no strangers to the pivot. After the reveal of the Framing Question in last week's Tuesday Letter, there was concern about how the question would be of value to all PFTs. The initial Framing Question was intended to be an opportunity for an exercise and learning, but it is important for that exercise to be valuable. Receiving feedback on the question has given the Strategic Doing Committee time to reflect. Conflict is a part of the game sometimes in facilitation, and when it happens, using your ears becomes of utmost importance (my Grandmother always said that there is a reason you have two ears and one mouth - because listening is more important than speaking sometimes). You then take the time to process, and respond.

While some see conflict as negative, it is important to note that conflict can yield positive results. We learned that there is a lot of excitement and interest in the process, and our PFT Leaders and Table Guide volunteers want to use this process to add value to your work! Now that is awesome!

So, we did what all good facilitators, and Extension folks do - we took the opportunity to pivot. For this purpose, we have charged all PFTs, that are interested, with coming up with their own Framing Question for the exercise. All PFTs have until October 14 to submit their Framing Question for Strategic Doing Session at Annual Conference. All PFTs and PLCs have been notified by email about this opportunity and instructions on how to submit their Framing Questions. 

Thank you for feedback, and for all you do!  -Jaime Menon, Co-Chair of the Strategic Doing Annual Conference Committee, with Debbie Kirchoff and Brian McCornack