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January 18, 2022

College of Agriculture Graduate Students Receive Nearly $130,000 in Scholarships

Submitted by Susan Schiff

In 2021, 24 College of Agriculture graduate students together received $129,500 in scholarship funding.

Joel Thomas Steyer, Jun Juang and Olayinka Olajiga were each awarded $10,000 from the Don C. Warren Genetics Scholarship Fund. To be eligible for this award, a student must be conducting research to further the understanding of genetics in humans, animals, plants and any other class of organism.

There were 15 recipients of the Robert Nunemacher Scholarship Fund who together received $82,500. This scholarship specifies award winners must be pursuing a doctorate-level degree related to ranching or farming. They are Afsana Noor, Carlos Bonini Pires, Ednaldo A. Borgato, Luciana Nieto, Ludmila De Souza Monteiro, Madeline Sue Grant, Hadley Reginald Williams, Mario Ariel Secchi, Nar Ranabhat, Nathan Tyler Hein, Nathaniel Parker, Olalekan Ayodele Sipasi, Rudra Baral, Ty Joran Werdel and Upasana Dhakal.

Grant Edward Gardner received $4,000 from the Nolan and Jean M. McKenzie Graduate Student Fellowship. This scholarship is designed to honor a College of Agriculture graduate student of high merit.

These four students received $3,000 each from the Dan and Kathy Richardson Graduate Student Support Scholarship for Agriculture, Food and Related Disciplines: Daniel Vega, Olivia Christine Haley, Victoria Lynn Pickens and Yeqi Zhao. This scholarship was created for students conducting research in animal science, feed science and/or food science. Priority was given to students whose research focused on food safety or food security with an affiliation with K-State Research and Extension.

Micke Paul Ramirez received a $1,000 award from the Ron Wells Memorial Scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship must have an interest in range management and be enrolled in the Department of Agronomy or Animal Sciences and Industry.

“These scholarships are essential in showing graduate students they are valuable,” said Martin Draper, associate dean of research for the College of Agriculture and director of research for K-State Research and Extension. “They not only help us recognize and reward academic excellence, but they provide the additional and needed financial support for our graduate students who will become the future leaders, scholars, scientists and entrepreneurs of agriculture.”

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