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February 8, 2022

Extension Updates

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Disasters: Trauma and Coping. MF3597. McKenzie Zimmermann, Elaine Johannes. The physical traumas that are a part of natural disasters are often sudden, unexpected, require multiple agencies to respond, and can typically take years to overcome. The emotional and mental trauma resulting from disasters can be just as harmful. So, how does one cope with disaster? This publication includes suggestions for coping after a disaster and resources for more information.

Thermal Infrared Imagery to Evaluate Crop Canopy Parameters. MF3561. Ajay Sharda, Harman Singh Sangha. Thermal imagery is a great tool for crop monitoring, irrigation management, and disease detection. For proper data collection using thermal imagery it is recommended to understand your sensors, carefully select flying speed, altitude, and utilize good ground calibration techniques. Following some of the information presented in this publication could help the user to fully explore its potential.