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February 15, 2022

Extension Updates

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Considerations and Resources for School Garden Design in Kansas. MF3589. Rebecca McMahon. School gardens provide learning opportunities as well as fresh produce. This publication includes factors to consider, especially early in the garden development process.

Garden Templates and Plant Choices for Kansas School Gardens. MF3590. Rebecca McMahon. Use garden templates and the plant information to plan a school garden that will provide a variety of learning opportunities as well as fresh produce. Includes templates for spring, fall, summer, and extended season gardens, as well as a wide variety of plant choices.

4-H Project Challenge -- Foods and Nutrition: Quick Bread vs. Yeast Bread. Spanish. 4H1135S. Patsy Maddy. This project challenge, translated into Spanish, guides learners through making and evaluating three types of breads -- muffins, biscuits, and yeast breads. It includes bread baking tips, recipes and evaluation guides.

4-H Project Challenge -- Wildlife Challenge: Tracking Wildlife. Spanish. 4H1149S. Daniel Skucius. Translated into Spanish. Wildlife leave signs that they’ve been in the area. In this challenge, youth will explore some of the ways to learn more about the wildlife in their area using the signs they leave behind.