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February 15, 2022

4-H Accepting Applications to Host Academic Year Students Now

Submitted by Dr. Mary Kay Munson

Kansas has received the National Pool of 22 Japanese and Korean high school students for the 2022-23 School Year. These students will be placed across the country by 4-H programs that participate in the Academic Year Program (AYP). While placements will continue into the spring until all students are placed with families, Kansas 4-H families should apply now for the widest selection of students who would be a good family match. (At the time of this writing, February 14, there are just five boys on the list. They may go quickly.)

Hosting AYP is a good way for families to learn another culture and make lifetime memories for your family and the student who joins it. Kansas families have hosted the program throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with very few adjustments. Due to the length of the program, there is a special application and follow up process for those who wish to host.

Please contact Mary Kay Munson, Kansas International Exchange Coordinator, for details, students available, and the link to the application. Her email is mkm2@ksu.edu and telephone number is 785-375-3189. Students cover their own personal and school expenses. Host families provide a bed, three meals a day and transportation. The program managed nationally by States' 4-H International Exchange Programs and in Kansas by Kansas 4-H Youth Development at K-State. Our current students are in Scott and Shawnee Counties.