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January 24, 2023

Quarterly Effort Reports: Integrated and Multi-state Activities

Submitted by Laurie Chandler

One of the frequent questions that I get when extension professionals are completing their Quarterly Effort Report is, “How do I answer the Integrated and Multi-State Activities questions?”

These fields were added last year to gather the information we need to provide to NIFA. Each year, NIFA requires that we show we have met the minimum requirements that a portion of our extension professionals are involved in integrated and multi-state activities.

So, what do those terms mean?

• Integrated activities are jointly planned and funded activities between research and extension that address an issue. It would include any research effort or partnership with the state’s Agricultural Research Service, Agricultural Experiment Stations with the state or agriculture departments on campus. This may also include research work in other program areas that seeks to develop and improve the welfare of consumers.

• Multi-state activities are collaborative efforts between two or more states or territories. If you worked with an Agricultural Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension System, Agricultural Research Service or a college or university from another state to address issues, that would be considered multi-state programming.

If you have questions about Integrated and Multi-State Activities, contact Laurie Chandler or check out the PEARS Support page, “Add Multi-State and Integrated Project Details.”