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September 19, 2023

Kansas 4-H/FFA Dual Enrollment

Submitted by Kelsey Nordyke

As we approach the new 4-H year, please take note of your 4-H members who take part in two unique youth organizations- 4-H and FFA- and follow the MOU agreed upon by both organizations. It is important to share this information with youth who are enrolling in projects that might overlap between the two organizations as project deadlines are set. Projects might include livestock, horse, rabbit, poultry, crops and agricultural mechanics.

The MOU is listed below and "best management practices" for working with local FFA advisors and providing exhibit opportunities will be forthcoming.

4-H Youth Development and Agriculture Education/FFA promote teaching youth life skills. Both programs exist to maximize the participants’ knowledge of agriculture and its value to our communities while educating the young people to become productive citizens. Eligible youth may participate in both 4-H and FFA but shall avoid duplication. Therefore, the following principles are required to be used in delivering the 4-H and FFA programs in Kansas as we strive to educate youth.

1. Agriculture Education teachers, FFA Advisors, Extension staff and local volunteers are encouraged to cooperate in sharing information and resources to provide educational opportunities for youth.

2. When young people are members of both 4-H and FFA, they shall plan and manage separate projects, and/or supervised agriculture experiences (SAE) programs.

3. FFA and 4-H members may enroll in the same area of experience in 4-H and FFA; however, participants cannot identify, nominate, manage, keep records on, or exhibit the same plants, animals, etc. in both organizations. Members must designate exhibits as either FFA or 4-H at weigh-in, registration or similar deadline.

4. Members may participate in judging contests and related events in FFA and 4-H but cannot represent both organizations at a contest, show or event at the same time.

5. When 4-H and FFA are conducting collaborating activities, both the 4-H and FFA organizations should be represented through emblems and information on all signs, print materials and awards.

6. Collaborating FFA and 4-H activities or events are obligated to have supervision representation from both organizations.

The above principles are in agreement with Kansas 4-H and FFA and hereby affirmed by members and professionals in order to participate in either educational program.