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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Tuesday Letter is a weekly email to approximately 2,500 faculty and staff of K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture, providing recipients with timely announcements and updates.

From the Director for Extension

What’s in a Name?
Policy, Systems and Environment approach. PSE. What’s in a name? The way we help the people of Kansas to address the difficult and complex issues they face as they try to improve their lives, livelihoods and communities.

From Extension Administration

Shout Out
If you would like to nominate a colleague or colleagues for achieving excellence regarding a particular act or activity, please send their name and a short justification of why they are deserving of a Shout Out to ghadley@ksu.edu.
Greetings from Extension Operations
Jennifer Wilson
Extension Operations would like to share news about recent happenings and what lies ahead.

Local, Regional and Statewide Extension Events

NW 4-H SpaceTech Day 2019
NW SpaceTech Day Logo
Youth, parents and 4-H project leaders who want to learn more about 4-H SpaceTech projects through an interactive day should plan to join us for this learning opportunity.

Extension Professional Trainings

Grant Writing Workshop in McPherson
Grant Writing Workshop coming to McPherson! Training and lunch provided for $10. Click for registration information.


Diversity Programs Office Update and Thank Yous
Growing Our Mindset: Why Diversity in Agriculture Matters
The Diversity Programs Office would like to thank everyone for attending the 2019 Wallace Kidd Diversity Award. In addition, we are proud to announce our "Growing Our Mindset: Why Diversity Matters in the College of Agriculture" event.

Publications Update

Extension Update
This week’s new publication helps guide growers through the process of identifying and tracking produce from the field to the buyer.

Calendar of Events

Inaugural Livestock Field Day to be Held in North Central Kansas
Make plans to attend the Stock Growers Field Day on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in Beloit, KS. There will be informational presentations, a trade show with more than thirty agricultural businesses represented and a dinner meal.