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February 21, 2017

4-H Branding on Apparel and Merchandise

Submitted by Amy Sollock


We know that there are many advantages to effective marketing and a strong brand image, for both K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas 4-H program. One of the ways we can successfully market our services and programs is to be consistent with the use of our co-wordmark on all apparel and merchandise that we design and create.

For print and digital items, the co-wordmark is required on ALL 4-H event flyers, newsletters, Facebook ads, etc. For apparel and merchandise, the co-wordmark (4-H and K-State Research Extension) should be used on all items within reasonable effort. (This includes apparel and merchandise, such as pencils, flashlights, and other trinkets.) If current circumstances prevent this, groups may proceed with the clover only on 4-H branded merchandise. Beginning October 1, 2017, there will be a written policy in place for a required co-wordmark on all apparel and merchandise.

The co-wordmark is available in both a vertical and horizontal format, as well as in color and black and white. These images can be found on the 4-H Marketing Resources page and within the Canvas system. To have access to the Canvas personalized wordmarks and various templates, please submit your eID to Megan Macy at mnmacy@ksu.edu. Correct 4-H Clovers may also be found on the above 4-H Marketing Resource page. Be aware that there are many “illegal” clipart clovers floating around the internet- to ensure you are using a correct one, we ask that you use the ones we have provided.

Also know that your local vendors need to be a K-State licensed vendor, and that process may add additional length to your production timeline; allow two weeks to a month. The process of becoming a licensed vendor can be found here. Please feel free to share this information with your local vendor.