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February 21, 2017

Strategic Doing - The 2017 K-State Leadership Seminar

Submitted by Ron Wilson

This year's seminar on March 29 is both the same and much different compared to prior years. It is the same in that both individuals and work group participants will leave the one-day event with practical, hands-on information, tools, and best practices for effective leadership. New this year is an added opportunity for teams from a work group, department, county, district, etc. to begin a process of "strategic doing" that is aimed at a common problem or initiative. Presenters from the Purdue Agile Strategies Lab will help work groups move beyond strategic talking (the plan) to strategic action (the doing). It can help implement Vision 2025 or simply address an immediate challenge. The seminar will enable teams to identify an issue, consider how they will address it collaboratively and establish commitments for action. Strategic Doing is an exciting concept which is being used in community initiatives in both southeast and northwest Kansas. Extension agents and community partners can benefit from participation in this seminar. Group registration rates are available. For more information or to register, go to: www.k-state.edu/leadershipseminar -- Ron Wilson, rwilson@ksu.edu and Nadine Sigle, nsigle@ksu.edu