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May 5, 2020

Suddenly in Charge- Resources to Expand Reach

Submitted by Becky Reid

A state-wide team has been working to create resources for teens and tweens who are "Suddenly in Charge" of younger children. All resources are available at ksre.ksu.edu/families. A new tip sheet is released each week with additional activities, food and recipes available on the website.

NEW - a weekly email sign-up is available on the website and new ideas will be shared on Fridays. Check the KSRE Resources Team, Family and Child Development Channel to find weekly tip sheet graphics, copies of tip sheets and safety checklists in the "Suddenly in Charge" file.

Below are ideas for sharing "Suddenly in Charge" in your community:  

1) - send home printed tip sheets with school lunches 

2) encourage schools to promote via social media and with "continuous learning" opportunities - maybe the FCS teacher makes this an assignment!

3) promote via traditional Extension channels (4-H newsletters, news columns, social media) to get information to additional households

4) A QR code links to the ksre/families website which has the email list sign-up. 

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