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August 18, 2020

Extension Updates

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Wheat Variety Date of First Hollow Stem, Fall Forage Yield, and Grain Yield for 2019-20, MF3312, Romulo Lollato et al. This publication evaluates fall forage yield, date of first hollow stem, plant height, and grain yield of current varieties in dual-purpose versus grain-only systems.

Seed Treatment Fungicides for Wheat Disease Management 2020. MF2955. Kelsey Andersen Onofre and Erick De Wolf. Seed treatments can effectively manage seed-borne disease, improve stand establishment; suppress the development of root rot diseases, and inhibit the development of foliar diseases in the fall. Learn more about seed treatments in this recently updated publication.

4-H Club Leader's Toolbox. 4H1118 Diane Mack. Organizing a meeting kit is one of the best time savers for club leaders. The links and information included will help the club leader be ready for each monthly meeting.

Youth Program Quality Principles. 4H1124, Mary E. Arnold, Diane Mack. What happens in 4-H programs, how they are planned and led, makes a huge difference in the impact of the program on youth! In order to have the biggest impact, programs need to adhere to eight critical principles of program quality. Used with permission of Oregon State Extension.

Creative Ideas to Enhance Club Meetings. 4H1113. Diane Mack. Use these ideas to enhance 4-H club meetings. Many can be adapted to virtual meetings.

4-H Club Meeting Reflections. 4H1114. Diane Mack. Evaluate the effectiveness of your 4-H club meetings with this reflection checklist. It includes a section for virtual meetings.

Welcoming New 4-H Members. 4H1117. Aliah Mestrovich Seay. Make a great first impression by implementing a plan to welcome and support new 4-H members from the very start of their first meeting.

Creative Roll Call Ideas. 4H1119. Aliah Mestrovich Seay. Energize the club meeting from the start by asking a creative roll call question. This will set the mood for a fun, engaging meeting where all members have an opportunity to speak and share. Utilize these creative suggestions.

4-H Greet Sheet. 4H1123. Aliah Mestrovich Seay. This handout is designed to familiarize new 4-H members with the 4-H club meeting format, as well as terminology, and local contact information.

4-H Club Meeting Agenda. 4H1122. Diane Mack. This form fillable meeting agenda makes club planning easier for club leaders and officers.