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August 3, 2021

Extension Update

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Salmonella in Livestock Feed. MF3549. Cassandra Jones and Olivia Harrison. Controlling Salmonella in feed mills is a complex matter, and although Salmonella cannot be easily eliminated, the strategies in this publication will aid mills in decreasing the spread of Salmonella.

Feed Mill Biosecurity for Feed Mill Managers, MF3550. Allison Blomme et al. This publication explains the biosecurity practices of suppliers, movement of people and equipment, feed contact surfaces, and truck movement that help develop a strong biosecurity culture in a feed mill.

Predicting Corn Yield Based on Soil Nitrogen Supply, MF3572. Ignacio Ciampitti and Adrian A. Correndo. This publication outlines recent research addressing the uncertainty of nitrogen needs for corn. The research is intended to help producers take a step toward more forecast-based agronomic guidelines for nitrogen recommendations in corn.