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August 3, 2021

The Community Health Corner

Submitted by Elaine Johannes

According to the CDC, community health uses science-based approaches for the greatest health benefit to the greatest number of people by addressing social, economic and structural drivers that impact health. Addressing policies, conditions and inequities that contribute to poor health among Kansans is the most effective way to tackle big health issues. Being healthy is not just about individual choices, it’s also about the conditions that influence everyone’s health.

REGISTER NOW: APHA Health and Medical Misinformation Symposium, August 12 (Thursday); 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT. How did we get to a point where it can be difficult for many to differentiate true, reliable information about our health from misinformation or even intentional disinformation and where do we go from here? Attend the free symposium to learn the evolution, scope, impact of, and efforts to counter health and medical misinformation and disinformation. Register at bit.ly/HealthMisinfo.

UNDERSTAND NOW: The most recent report issued by the Kansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee noted that during 2016‒2018, 13 of the 57 identified deaths of women in Kansas during or within one year after pregnancy were pregnancy-related. The July 2021 Governor’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice report includes a recommendation to extend Medicaid coverage for mothers through 12 months. In response to ongoing concerns about high maternal mortality rates, at least 12 states, including Missouri, have extended or have requested regulatory authority to extend Medicaid benefits to new mothers for up to a full year after giving birth. See this KHI (Kansas Health Institute) report outlines responsive policies that reduce postpartum risks for mothers here.

PLAN NOW: Beginning September 14, KVC Hospitals launches a free 3-part, webinar series (12 p.m. - 1 p.m.) on COVID-19 and Mental Health featuring KVC mental health experts discussing the pandemic’s impact on children and families’ brain development and mental health. The series concludes on September 30 with resiliency-building tools and strategies to improve self-care. Register at: https://hospitals.kvc.org/freeCEUs/.

For more information contact: Elaine Johannes, ejohanne@ksu.edu.