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November 30, 2021

How to Impact Kansas 4-H Camp

Submitted by Jake Worcester

Kansas 4-H Camp at Rock Springs Ranch

Kansas 4-H Camp registration is in full swing! For the first time ever, 4-H families have the opportunity to plan ahead and register for camp in the fall! We’re happy to report that campers are registering for sessions throughout the summer. Some sessions are filling quickly so we encourage all families to go ahead and register for their preferred camp session.

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for camp with your 4-H members! We want all our Extension partners to have the most current information so you can communicate to your 4-H families around the state. Here are the most frequently asked questions and comments:

Can my local unit camp together this summer?
Yes, you can! We welcome local units to identify a preferred session within the camp schedule for your campers. There is no reason, if families want their youth to camp together with other local youth, not to coordinate.

Since there isn’t a teen counselor program anymore, my teen isn’t going to camp.
There are now three NEW opportunities for teens at Rock Springs Ranch!

  • Leader-in-Training (LIT) and Counselor-in-Training (CIT) programs for rising juniors and seniors will provide an enhanced experience building on the traditional teen counselor program. The programs are designed to maximize the leadership development experience for these teens, allowing them to exercise leadership while also having the support of adult counselors and time with their fellow LIT/CIT participants to reflect on what they’re learning. Your teen youth has an incredible opportunity in the LIT/CIT program!
  • 4-H Teen Camp for any teenage youth will provide an age-appropriate continuation of Kansas 4-H Camp. Teen camp is an addition to camp in the new camp model allowing all ages of 4-H youth to have a camp experience.

How much does it cost to go to camp?
Camp prices have gone up a bit - like many other things it seems! Our recent market research shows that Kansas 4-H Camp is actually more affordable than similar camp programs that don’t offer all the amenities and experiences Kansas 4-H Camp at Rock Springs Ranch provides youth. Based on this information, we believe the value of camp is still a heck of a bargain.

Camp pricing is reflective of an all-inclusive price Families can choose from three pricing tiers from a “full cost of attendance” down to a significantly subsidized rate. The three rates are $150/day, $130/day, and $100/day.

The fully subsidized rate ($100/day) is just a bit more than 4-H camp has cost in years past. Families who need assistance can choose one of the subsidized rates, but families who are able can pay for the full cost of attendance, which allows for philanthropic support to go to families who need the assistance.

What are transportation details?
Transportation is planned - bus routes throughout the state will allow for youth to gather at regional pick-up sites and begin the camp experience on the trip! Details are being finalized - COVID precautions have made transportation logistics more challenging to nail down. In spite of this, we encourage 4-H families to go ahead and register for camp. If transportation plans make it impossible for campers to attend, the reservation deposit will still be fully refundable once those details are provided.

What is the role of Extension professionals relative to Kansas 4-H Camp?
There are many ways Extension professionals around the state can help their 4-H youth have an incredible camp experience. One of the first is to work actively with your families now to coordinate camp attendance. Work together to target a session or sessions for families to register and youth to attend with their friends. Access the campership kit and encourage support for local camperships. Communicate with your families that Kansas 4-H Camp at Rock Springs Ranch is a positive, high-impact experience for their youth.

We encourage the entire 4-H family to share the current information of Kansas 4-H Camp with youth and their families. It’s important that we share accurate information in a timely manner. To summarize:

  • Any local unit, camp group, club, or other groups can coordinate and register for a camp session of their choice.
  • Teens have an incredible opportunity to grow their leadership skills through the LIT and CIT programs or by attending Kansas 4-H Camp as a teenage camper.
  • Camperships are being awarded locally and statewide in an effort to provide accessibility to Kansas youth.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me or Jim Wheaton at any time. We look forward to continuing the rich tradition of Kansas 4-H Camp in 2022!

Jake Worcester - jworcester@kansas4hfoundation.org 785-775-0123
Jim Wheaton - jwheaton@rockspringsranch.org 785-257-3221