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April 18, 2023

Celebrate Earth Week by Hosting a Litter Pickup

Submitted by Abigail Crouse

Earth Week Litter Pickup

Happy Earth Week from K-State’s Pollution Prevention Institute! Earth Day is Saturday, April 22, and this year's theme is "Invest in Our Planet." We are encouraging our industry partners and colleagues to get inspired and take action by hosting a litter pickup at their facility during Earth Week, April 16-22.

You can limit the event to your own property or expand it to an adjacent lot, field or riverbank. Cleaning litter from the ground, such as in your facility’s parking lots and storage areas, is the easiest way to prevent escaped trash from making it to the oceans. We put together several tips to help organize this event and reduce escaped trash.

Reducing litter in the environment, even in relatively small amounts, helps prevent harm to wildlife and further beautifies America’s landscape.