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January 7, 2020

Making Better Kansas Even Better

Submitted by Mary Lou Peter

The beginning of the new year marks about seven months that I’ve been writing the weekly Better Kansas blog, aimed at shedding light on the array of activities, resources and research KSRE and the university have to offer across the state. Thanks to many of you for your encouragement, suggestions and other feedback and for sharing the information on social media and in other ways. Sometimes I’ve linked to an agent’s column or radio interview, sometimes interesting publications or fact sheets and sometimes to ways to register for workshops.

In this new year I ask that you keep those thoughts and ideas coming... especially if you know about something well in advance. I can’t guarantee usage, but if you have a particularly good column on a topic that’s timely or know that something big (like several counties/districts offering training such as Dining with Diabetes, etc.), I always appreciate a heads up. Any writing/scheduling I can do in advance is good. Let's introduce Extension to people who have no idea what we have to offer!