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December 14, 2021

Nine Teens and Young Adults Approved for International Exchanges 2022

Submitted by Aliah Mestrovich Seay

The Outbound Exchange Interview Committee approved participation of six current 4-H members in Outbound Exchanges next summer. Their acceptance and placement in a country delegation will not be final until after January 15, when their applications and deposits are due to States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs (States’ 4-H) in Seattle. Kansas has also approved three 18-25 year olds to represent Kansas on the IFYE (International Four-H Youth Exchange) program sponsored by the IFYE Association of the USA.

The six prospective Kansas States’ 4-H delegates, their Extension Units, and first choices for assignments are as follows:

• Maddie Anderson, Johnson County - Norway
• Nathan Anderson, Johnson County - Romania
• Abigail Macgregor, Wabaunsee County - Romania
• Isaac Moreno, Cottonwood District - Japan
• Kate Rogers, West Plains District - Japan
• Jayla Wyant, Cottonwood District - Costa Rica

The IFYE prospects, their home areas, current locations and first and second choices are:

• Fiona Bradley, Cowley County, Nevada MO - Norway, South Korea
• Traci Ross, Walnut Creek District, Johnson County - Sweden, Poland
• Johari Snell, Kansas City, MO, Riley County - England/Wales, Argentina

IFYEs will negotiate their country placements and length of stay with the IFYE Association’s Program Manger as partner organizations agree to host our delegates. The partner countries and the U. S. States’ 4-H and IFYE Programs will continue to monitor COVID conditions and will decide if their exchanges will be cancelled as late as April, or even later. Current guidelines are that participants must be vaccinated if their ages are older than age for current FDA full approval for vaccine. At this time any States’ 4-H outbound must be vaccinated if over 16, but this could change by summer. Vaccination requirements of host families will be determined by hosting organizations in each country. IFYE has not announced its COVID requirements. Each participant will be required to have a negative PCR test within a specific time of departure flight. Time lapse requirements are being adjusted with conditions nationally.

January is Best to Apply to Host Academic Year Programs

The first 2022-23 4-H Academic Year Exchange applications will be arriving from Japan and Korea at the national States’ 4-H Office in early February. Families who have completed applications and are cleared to host will have first choice among the applicants. We expect boys and girls between 15 and 18 who are approved by the States’ 4-H representatives and their home organization to represent Better Futures Education (BFE) and Korea 4-H and Labo and LEX in Japan. They are screened for English skills adequate for success in American high schools. AYP students arrive about August 1, and are placed with one family for the school year, while attending a public high school. Families are expected to provide three meals a day, lodging with their own bed, and transportation. There are no requirements for host siblings in the home. When you are contacted with questions regarding hosting an AYP student or think of a family who might host, please refer the family to Mary Kay Munson, State AYP Coordinator, at 785-375-3189 or mkm2@ksu.edu.