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March 28, 2017

Health: A Grand Challenge in Kansas

Submitted by Daryl Buchholz

I encourage ALL EXTENSION AGENTS AND SPECIALISTS to consider the needs and programming response that can be accomplished to improve the culture of health in communities, agriculture, youth, and families. The upcoming training that is highlighted in another article below invites everyone to engage in the learning experience around growing and developing the health initiative and culture of health. Extension has much to offer, and I do hope you will engage in one of the regional training opportunities.

We all work with people, and in unique and creative ways, we all work to improve the economic and social well being of the people of Kansas. I do believe that includes working with our audiences in meaningful ways to help them to make the desired improvement of the social determinants of health in their communities across Kansas.

Each regional training provides skills and resources necessary for broad, collaborative health work within communities and across Extension disciplines. This learning and engaging opportunity is intended for ALL Extension professionals, regardless of area of focus.

The training is interactive and includes: identifying personal and KSRE strengths that help ready our system for collaborative community health work; principles of evidence-based community health; examples of collaborative health work occurring across our Extension system; problem solving and local unit action planning. Drs. Elaine Johannes and Erin Yelland will be leading the event which includes speakers and guests from across the state, from local Extension offices, and from on-campus units.

Hoping you will see opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. Thanks for all you do!