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November 2, 2021

Learning in the Leaves at Colby’s Research and Extension Center

Submitted by Angie Gaede

Kindergarten to high school students brought science projects to share.

The Northwest Research and Extension Center in Colby was filled with activity Tuesday, October 26, as the Home Educators of Northwest Kansas studied the trees on the Research Center’s grounds for their Science Day.

Approximately 65 students and 20 adults arrived Tuesday morning for their Dendrology Science Day. They were joined by Keith VanSkike, Twin Creeks District Ag Agent; and Mike Woofter and Charlene Kaus of the Colby Tree Board. Mr. Woofter gave a talk on the importance of trees and why they benefit our environment and our lives every day. Mrs. Kaus led the tree tour and explained facts about the trees at the Research Center. She also answered many questions from students and parents. Keith VanSkike talked about why leaves change colors. He explained how President Abraham Lincoln passed the Morrill Act in 1862- donating land to states and territories for agricultural purposes, and in 1887, the Hatch Act passed by Congress for support of agricultural experiment stations.

About 20 students brought science projects from home to share with other students. Kindergarten to high school students participated. Other kids watched and listened as they got to snack on homemade popcorn, pumpkin pretzels, and caramel apple candy corn.

The students also had the opportunity for craft time. They made an ornament filled with leaves and pine cones or whatever the student collected from nature while on the tree tour. All items were placed into a mason jar ornament.

All the snack and craft supplies were provided by the Home Educators of Northwest Kansas.

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