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November 2, 2021

Closing of Two 4-H Youth Development Specialist Searches - Will Repost Later

Submitted by Dan Devlin

Dear KSRE colleagues,

Dan and Wade have met to discuss those candidates remaining within the pools for the 4-H Youth Development positions in STEM and Natural Resources and Healthy Living (officed with the Western Regional Centers) and concluded that the searches have failed.

Over the next six weeks, we will review the job descriptions for both positions, take the feedback gained from candidates, search committee members and KSRE professionals over the past four months and refresh a proposal for the next opportunity in the hiring process. Upon approval to hire, we will involve a broader group of stakeholders to assist in crafting the future position description and strategize for greater candidate recruitment.

Please join us in thanking your fellow colleagues in their service on the search committee for three 4-H Youth Development Specialist positions:

Aliah Mestrovich Seay, chair; Dr. Cheryl Boyer, Dr. Lorenza Lockett, Lindsey Mueting, Sue Sing Lim, JoEllyn Argabright, Patsy Maddy, Karen Nelson, Amy Sollock, Bertha Mendoza, Corinne Patterson, Kaitlyn Peine, Sharolyn Flaming Jackson and Beth Hinshaw.

They have demonstrated a steadfast commitment and professionalism in reviewing and interviewing candidates for three 4-H Youth Development Specialists positions. We appreciate the dedication, intentionality, and purposefulness in their role and responsibilities on this committee.

This effort to combine three position searches into one process was new and we thank you for your contributions to this process. We were successful in hiring Kelsey Nordyke, 4-H Youth Development Specialist position officed with the Eastern Regional Centers with statewide content leadership for Agricultural Sciences programming with 4-H youth. Through this process, we have gained valuable input and perspective that will help relaunch future searches to benefit the 4-H Youth Development program in Kansas.

Do know that your advocacy for 4-H and feedback were very helpful as part of the overall search process and will strengthen future search processes.

Thank you for your commitment to the mission of KSRE through Kansas 4-H Youth Development programs. --Dan Devlin, Robert Weaber and Wade Weber

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