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November 16, 2021

Grant Workshops in 2022

Submitted by Nancy Daniels

Is your Community Vitality PDC looking for ways to make an impact in 2022? Consider hosting an online Grant Workshop. Every community has different challenges, but most can be improved by focusing on what you could do if you had more money.

During the past two years, in-person grant workshops have transitioned to online. Online workshops are effective in reaching local audiences when they are ready to attend without a major investment in time and travel. The workshops are interactive with participants reporting their high value for the small group discussions. The local Program Development Committee’s (PDC) role is marketing to their local foundations, non-profits, government, community organizations and individuals. Nancy Daniels, CV State Specialist, presents the class, markets to statewide partners, provides marketing templates and follow-up survey data. All hosts are given participant names and emails for future marketing of programs. Although the district or county is the host, every class has garnered participants from across Kansas. Classes are spaced so they aren’t competing with each other for participants.

The workshop consists of two 3-hour classes over two days with a 45-minute asynchronous video on budgeting and many downloadable resources including “Sources of Grants” and “Sources of Data.” The workshop costs $60 and is held through Global Campus and zoom.

Although it is too early to have data from online courses, 36% of the in-person workshop participants responded to follow-up surveys, reporting $27.5 million of successful grants written. Contact Nancy Daniels to schedule your 2022 grant workshop.